In order to hire an employee from overseas, your business must be a licensed sponsor.  To become a licensed sponsor, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • You must be a genuine organisation (such as a corporation or a limited-liability partnership), or a sole trader.
  • You must be operating legally in the United Kingdom.
  • There must be no evidence that your organisation or key personnel could present a threat to UK immigration control (for example, by having a history of immigration violations).
  • You must nominate at least three staff members to fulfil the immigration-related roles in your organisation: an Authorising Officer, a Key Contact and a Level 1 User.
  • You must be able to meet your responsibilities as a sponsor, which is judged by ensuring that you have effective HR systems.
  • You must supply the Home Office will all documents requested.
  • Meet any other requirements for the specific immigration tier under which your prospective employee is working.

For a sponsor licence please contact our office and speak to us for a detailed information and processing of your application.